Friday, March 20, 2009

adobe edit

i draw with pencils.and the colours was frm adobe. this is my 1st trying in my design. i tau buruk .
tapi at least i try ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

new style

today i got an ideas to draw something new but not dress design like before.
i sketched something on plain paper with my blue ink pen. at first i just 'conteng-conteng' but sudden i saw something in my drawing. 

so i decide to tambah tambah semua to bcome more gr



and the last one i edit guna adobe ;)


Friday, March 13, 2009


like gila lama tak melukis,gila shit rinduu
haihh :(


Monday, December 29, 2008


be decisive. Expel the grey areas from your life with these trim takes on two-tone chic. Polka dots and killer contracts for the lady who knows exactly what she wants,


created by: LENALEE.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


yeah,kadang kadang my design mcm euu,teruk nyaa. but i still keep it. makin lama makin bnyk pulak design. if dulu, i never know how to use water colour,kaki model tu senget semacam la,kepala besar la and whatsoever, but now maybe dah agak ok kot dan saye dah tahu menggunakan water colour. wow! hahah :D tapi banyak lagi perkara yang perlu di-set-up. dulu saya hanya tahu design menggunakan teknolgi terkini sepert di adobe,ntah apa lagi program yang ada di comp saye ni,saye geledah je semua.hahah. dan terhasil lah model model saya yang muka dorg pon mcm robot je lah -,-. then,lepas tu baru try lukisan.mula mula org lidi. org kurus kerempeng, org tak cukup fizikal dan banyak lagi la. gile hodoh oh. tapi lama lama,dah tengok lukisan pereka fesyen sume baru tau mcm mana nak buat.

mula mula



well, skrg dah besar so lukisan kenalah mature sikit ;p skrg, saye mahu ke sewing class and still in process mencari sewing class yang ok. dan harap harap boleh la lps ni design dan terus menjahit. hoho. i hope so lah. boleh bukak butik sendiri dan masuk project runway Malaysia. ceh,gila berangan but why not? hahaha.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

colourful inspiration.

Here are some tips to help you coordinate a good look.
1. Decide whether the scarf calls for a casual outfit, or a dressy one. Many scarves (like the one in the example below) can go either way.

2. Choose the bottom. The skirt or pant should match the darkest color in your scarf. If you do not have anything in that shade, go with basic black. I chose a black pant

3. Choose the top. The easy way: Your top should be black or white if your bottom is NOT a neutral color (like black, brown, navy, or dark gray). If your bottom IS a neutral color, your top can be white, black OR any other accent color in your scarf. I chose a shirt that matches the yellow accent color in the scarf.

4. The shoes. Choose a shoe that features at least one of the main colors in your outfit. My shoes match the pants and the scarf.

5. The bag. Choose a bag that matches your shoes or another main color in the outfit. My bag matches the shoes and the pants.

6. Jewelry. Choose one or two pieces that match a main color in the outfit OR stick with gold and silver. I chose a black necklace to match the pants.